Registration for the 2014 race is closed and there is no waiting list. Please consider checking out our other great races at Rainshadow Running.

Snow Route

If it is unsafe to drive to the top of Mt Constitution due to snow and ice on the road then the race course will be changed to use only the lower elevation trails. This is for the safety of the runners and the volunteers. If the road is safe to drive and yet the high trails have snow on them we will probably still run the regular route. I will make the decision as soon as I can but it probably won't be until the Thursday or Friday before the race.  We've had snow at Moran State Park, like we do right now, three times in the past seven years but only once did we need to use the "Snow Route".

Below are the Course Description, Elevation Profile and Course Map. The course will be well marked but ultimately it is the runner's responsibility to know the course, in addition to studying the course ahead of time I'd recommend printing out the map and course description and bring it with you during the race.

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Click here for the Course Description